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BERNHOFT & The Fashion Bruises - Buried Gold (feat. Raelee Nikole)

‘Buried Gold’ is the new single from Bernhoft, featuring San Diego native Raelee Nikole. 

The song came about in a fit of acute inspiration after Bernhoft heard an instagram post by Raelee. Throwing what he was scheduled to do aside, he wrote the song almost in real time. On a DM he then her to ask if she wanted to sing on it, seeing as she was the track’s true muse.

She got back to me at once, saying she liked the song and would love to do it. Two weeks later she’d done a fantastic vocal take and sent it over. Modern life isn’t always rubbish.

‘Buried Gold’ is a song Bernhoft associates with a healthy dose of UV rays, warm tarmac, and the smell of Wunder-Baum in old cars. Lyrically though, it shifts between the male perspective of disillusionment and wanting to run away from it all, and the female counterpart who is optimistic and wants to stay, fight and make life better. These juxtapositions are central themes in Bernhoft’s upcoming album. The record was written amidst deepening fault lines in society - conflicts caused by differing views on for instance climate change and refugee issues.

I’m not comfortable living in a post-truth society, where so-called political correctness is viewed as a grave offense, and people are willing to go to truly obscure faux-science rather than believe in climate change. I’m also trying to make sense of my place in the world, and I’ve had a rough patch finding it lately. My inner optimist and pessimist are fighting like mad, and it shows on this album. The medicine also shows; the most effective remedy against the noise has been to play more guitar.

I absolutely love noodling on that instrument. It’s become my happy place.

This upcoming album is more upbeat than Bernhoft’s previous releases, even leaning towards rock’n’roll. Everything was recorded with his band The Fashion Bruises, the main bulk of it cut live. The whole process became a return to Bernhoft’s roots, finding his place as a part of a bigger whole.

Buried Gold is out January 26. The album is due in the fall of 2018.

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