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Julian Velard & Brooke van Poppelen

Comfort zone

Julian Velard and Brooke Van Poppelen are take their "faux-mace" to the next level! The duo joined forces in 2015 as The Comfort Zone, a monthly live show in Brooklyn where Velard (a singer-songwriter and secret comedian) and Van Poppelen (a comedian and secret singer-songwriter) mixed music and stand-up with unpredictable results. Each show culminated in an original song that deftly skewered relationships stranded at the crossroads of Netflix and chill. Now, The Comfort Zone EP brings four of those catchy tunes to life, tackling smartphone addiction, bathroom anxiety and frenzied brunch plans with the authenticity of a couple who hasn't had sex in a solid four months. Explore the funny, familiar side of love with a couple that has plenty of first-hand experience...just not with each other.


Produced and mixed by Roger Greenawalt
Recorded at Shabby Road July 2018
Mastered by Nathan James for Vault Mastering
Guitar - Al Street
Bass - Adam Chilenski
Drums - Bill Campbell

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