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Mapped: Sins

Typically Staton
Energetic pop-rock: optimistic, hysterical, but at the same time dark,
with a sharp and sometimes cynical edge. Since their launch in 2010
Staton has appeared on stage for approximately 120 live performances
in the Netherlands. In the past 1,5 years the band has matured,
developing their unique sound and lyrics.

Living in Amsterdam’s red light district worked as an inspiration for lead
singer Lara. The district is not only sad and dark. Living
in the area, Lara discovered a humoristic side of the neighborhood
with its strange dynamics and inhabitants. That, combined with the
mystery that plays out behind closed curtains intrigued her. Her
fascination inspired Lara to write the single Dark Side of the City.

Breaking through barriers
In 2012 Staton is working hard on their second album and they present an EP called “Mapped: Sins” on Januari 10, 2013. Producers Ken Stringfellow (…) and J.B Meijers (…) signed on for production and mix.
Stringfellow and Meijers challenged the band to find a more edgy sound
and bring more depth into their lyrics. Taking on this challenge
tested the band: sometimes maturing and growing means breaking though
barriers and at times, killing your own darlings. But, the challenge
of stepping out of their comfort zone has delivered, resulting in a
new level of fierceness and fireworks in Stations live and studio

On stage Staton tells a story in its own unique style. Vocalist Lara
sings, screams, whispers and everything in between. Her vocals are
completed by the rhythmic, sometimes soothing, but always tight drums
by Niels Nuiver and the big and funky bass by Luc Pustjens. Intense
and occasionally snotty guitar by Michiel Claessen  and distinct,
organics sounds mixed with hard ragged synths by Tijn Driessen
complete the picture.


Energetic pop-rock: optimistic, hysterical, also dark,
with a sharp cynical edge. Lara sings, screams, whispers. Her vocals are completed by rhythmic, sometimes soothing, tight drums, thick basslines, Intense and occasionally snotty guitar, organic keys and hard ragged synths complete the sound.

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