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My Own Private Sunday

Single: Future History

The Grant

When it comes to contemporary soul music, there simply is no way to omit the importance of Tuomo. Since his 2007 debut album, Tuomo has blazed the trail in European deep contemporary Soul. Now he’s back with his new album, “My Own Private Sunday”.

One can well describe Tuomo as the hardest-working man in Finnish music scene. Tuomo’s 2007 debut album “My Thing” completely stunned everybody after deep and rootsy

21st century soul music. First creating a buzz not like anything seen recently in his native

Finland, Tuomo soon proceeded to make people aware of his soul prowess in Japan, Germany, and beyond. In 2009, Tuomo reached out for you and yours again, and his 2nd album “Tuomo Reaches Out For You” was another stone cold winner. Less than 12 months later Tuomo releases yet another album.

On “My Own Private Sunday”, Tuomo takes his brand of deep songwriting-oriented soul again one step further. His work always displays remarkable amounts of depth and no-nonsense old school aesthetics delivered with a highly personal touch. Echoes of soul classics exist, but the Tuomo is way too talented to stay as a mere copycat.

Tuomo’s third release is different in many ways, if you wish to compare it to his previous two. Tuomo says this album is clearly more personal, as he included here all the songs he was too embarrassed to put on “My Thing” or “Reaches Out For You”. The title also describes that we’ve come quite a far from Tuomo’s funkiest creations. “My Own Private Sunday” is the state of mind. In a way you can see Tuomo’s album trilogy as a perfect weekend: funk on Friday, heavier stuff on Saturday and slightly hung over on Sunday.

On previous albums the basis of the sturdy soul sound was also due to a wealth of talent in the supporting cast. People like Timo Lassy, Verneri Pohjola, Antti Hynninen, Pekka Kuusisto, to mention but a few, spell “Quality” with a capital Q. Jupiter label’s core rhythm section causing awe at Tuomo’s live gigs has also been there. This time Tuomo has been walking the footsteps of his idols Prince and Stevie Wonder playing all the instruments himself.

We touched on Tuomo’s songwriting abilities but let’s dig a bit deeper. When listening to all three albums, you stumble upon such bursts of sheer brilliance as ‘Don’t take it too hard’, ‘My thing’, ‘So surreal’, ‘Firsts’, ‘The Grant’, and most lately ‘Future history’ and ‘The Circus’, among others. This set of tracks serves as an ample example of Tuomo’s talent and variety

within. There’s old school crooning, steady funk, and get-down soul to be found. Tuomo’s lyrics are a topic of its own. They always display honesty and a sense of experience beyond Tuomo’s 30 years of age. Actually, all of this isn’t a big surprise. There’s mad charisma to this guy.

Those who follow the Finnish Jazz scene, already know him as a talented pianist from such heavyweight ensembles as Ilmiliekki Quartet, so you best expect to be stunned composition-wise as well.

Tuomo has been awarded Emma (Finnish Grammy), a few Femmas (indie Grammies), Funk Awards, Sony Jazz Prize, Teosto Prize and many more. “My Thing” has reached gold sales in Finland and sold tens of thousands worldwide. His albums have been chosen as Best of 2007 and Best of 2009 by many music critics and magazines around the globe.

In 2010 Tuomo played 5 shows in Holland supporting Ryan Shaw.


Reaches Out For You



Cry To The Moon

The Grant


Love & Friendship

If It Doesn't Hurt You

Head Above The Water

Sweet With Me

Reach Out For You

Fear Of Love

Good Night

Tuomo (born as Tuomo Prättälä, 1979). Soul-singer, jazz pianist, composer, lyricist and producer. Tuomo began taking piano lessons at the age of 7. After Sibelius Senior Secondary School of Music, Helsinki Conservatory of Pop and Jazz and the civil service as sound engineer in the Finnish Theater Academy, he started his career as a professional musician.

It is so retro and 'northern' in its incarnation that it has become essential already on the more discerning dancefloors... Highly recommendable. – Soul Walking

During 2002-2006 Tuomo contributed in 10 full-length albums in 7 different line-ups. Together with his various bands he was nominated for Jazz Emma Award for 4 times, won 2 international jazz contests, received the highly-acclaimed Finnish Teosto Award, was The Young Artist of the Year chosen by Finland Festivals and toured intensively all around the world.

Sounding super authentic and true with brilliant production skills. – Soul Seduction

In January 2007 Tuomo released his first solo album titled “My Thing”, which immediatelly hit Finnish Top 10 and received only rave 5-star, 4-star reviews. In the summer of 2007 the album was distributed all over the world and got same kind of reception everywhere. “My Thing” is singer-songwriter music based strongly on 70s soul heritage.

Mr. Gilles Peterson, the most famous and influential DJ and broadcaster in the world, has been a big fan of Tuomo’s since the first single “Don’t take it too hard” saw daylight. The song was for long included in Gilles’ MySpace player.

In Japan, the single has reached number 5 on J-Wave’s Tokyo Hot 100 Chart and continues to be in Top 10 on many radio stations' playlists. First international tours are taking place in late 2007

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