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Young Gun Silver Fox - Midnight in Richmond (Single)

Young Gun Silver Fox

From the upcoming 2nd album (Release early 2018 )


The forces behind Young Gun Silver Fox are Andy Platts and Shawn Lee. It was inevitable that two of the UK's most prolific and versatile pop music linguists would one day collaborate on a studio project that crystallized many of their creative strengths. West End Coast fuses the talents they've mastered in their respective careers, from Andy's role as frontman and co-founder of Mamas Gun to Shawn's numerous self-produced projects with AM and his own Ping Pong Orchestra. The authentic hybrid of styles on West End Coast is further steeped in the fact that Shawn, the team's silver-haired Silver Fox, is an American who resided in LA for seven years before relocating to London. "Speaking for myself, this is an an album I've wanted to make for some time and Andy was the only person I felt I could make it with," he says. "Andy understands the classic melodic pop side as well as the soul funky side that was absolutely vital to the creation of this music. What a voice!" The admiration is mutual. "A lot of people today can claim to be ‘multi-instrumentalists’ but Shawn truly is a multi-hat-wearing-cat," says Andy, the Young Gun of the duo. "Musically, his ear and ridiculous encyclopedic musical brain continues to floor me. Some of the music he generated on this album was so special I really had to dig deep to do it justice in a songwriting sense.


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Sept 22nd    Zwolle  - Hedon

Sept 24th    Amsterdam – Paradiso (Big Hall) 



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