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Person of Interest

Julian Velard

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The “Person Of Interest”is a “concept EP” which is showing a new phase in Julian’s music. The CD is very complex in it’s own right. Initially the lyrics seem dark, yet, there is a strong message of hope which is carried through all four songs. Julian is urging us to choose some ways in which we can find ourselves and live our own lives. Even the front cover of the EP shows the light that symbolizes Julian’s message of hope.

Whilst listening to the EP I visualized a boat slowly moving through a narrow tunnel, battling to reach the bright light. The deepest song on the EP is
“Lifeboats”. The lyrics are strong, yet Julian makes the song upbeat with his mastery of jazz. The feeling of despair is felt: “dreamers go down – dreams don’t float” The message is powerful: you have to fight to realize your dreams.

”Company” Julian points to that people sometimes need to be ruthless to become themselves. “I’ve had enough of being I’ll cross the line if it makes you mine tonight” Julian uses very pronounced pulse to emphasise this message.

Listen to a sample of Company here

The lyrics Of “When we’re Gone” give a strong message of that you need to pick yourself up off the floor to come to the right decision. It is full of symbolism, not only in the lyrics but also in his choice of instruments. The church organ at the beginning of song is a brilliant choice. The lyrics almost haunt you: “You spit in our face but you’re gonna hate us when we’re gone”

The last song on the EP shows the direction you have to take for yourself.
“A River Away” is the conclusion of the journey. It is the way to reach the light. The lyrics are positive , the tune is melodic, upbeat and hopeful. I feel that Julian’s voice too on this track has taken become more joyful, almost dancing to the lyrics. The feeling of hope comes through very strongly through Julian’s choice of instruments too. The piano and the melody give a strong feeling of homecoming. “When the heart is on fire, stop chasing the rain Go ahead baby jump in the water, I’m only a river away “
This song has been playing on loop on my player, the lyrics are brilliant song writing and I love the way Julian has written the music to get his message across….

Throughout the
“Person Of Interest” the music matches the lyrics, going from darkness in slow progression to the light. The journey is a difficult one, but Julian shows us the way to reach our goals by ourselves. The songs need to be listened to in order, to understand the deep meaning of this brilliant concept album. “Person of Interest” makes an excellent addition to Julian’s music to date.


1. Lifeboats

2. Company (listen)

3. When We're Gone

4. A River Away (listen)


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